Englewood Economic Development Corporation

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Englewood Economic Development Corporation (EEDC)

Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Englewood Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) is to attract, retain and grow businesses and jobs in the City of Englewood.

To fulfill its mission, the Corporation has three fundamental tasks:

1. Cooperate with the public officials, residents and business community of the City of Englewood to develop and execute strategic plans that focus on improvement of the City’s economic base and enhancement of its business environment; and

2. Fulfill the Corporation’s statutory duty to act as the District Management Corporation overseeing the operation of the downtown Special Improvement District established by the City on May 20, 1986.

3. Facilitate the economic development of the City by taking on such additional supervisory roles as the City and the Corporation may deem mutually beneficial.

Each year the Corporation shall review and update its strategic plan and identify projects to be actively pursued by its committees. The Corporation, as well as its committees, shall be composed of individuals with the expertise, experience, and dedication necessary to fulfill its current and long-term objectives.

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The Downtown Economic Growth and Stability Commission was created by Mayor Huttle to explore innovative and forward thinking ways to revive and grow Englewood’s downtown, which had been hard hit by the continuing recession. The Englewood Downtown represents the single greatest economic engine in the City and is part and parcel of the uniqueness and diversity that is Englewood today. The Commission, composed of a broad cross section of business owners and other stakeholders will report to the Mayor with a study and recommendations to first stabilize the downward trend of in the central business district and then innovate ways of promoting its growth, long term health and viability.

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