About Englewood One

Bring City Hall to your home

Englewood One Community is Englewood’s first online community for our residents to connect and share information about City Government and our community. All residents feel the impact of government, but all too often they do not have the access to information to understand and participate in the workings of City Government.

My mission for Englewood One Community is to create a platform to open the doors of City Government to all, to inform, and to educate using an interactive communication hub. I ask you to make your voices heard and actively participate in the important decisions made by each of your elected officials on issues ranging from taxes, to public safety, to services, to our schools and our roads.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi expanded the immortal quote of former Speaker Tip O’Neil that “all politics is local” by adding that “all politics is personal.” Regardless of your party affiliation, during these most challenging economic times when government at all levels is in a fiscal crisis, only we together can make change that works from the bottom up — and we together must keep it personal.

It has become a trend — and not just in Englewood — that residents have become isolated from their local governments and communities. Often this due to a function of time and the busy lives that we lead. Participation in the many functions and goings on of local government and our community is not always possible. But the information age has offered us an alternative: connect and share information through an always-open, online platform. That is what Englewood One Community endeavors to be.

In addition to information on the Englewood City government — with weekly updates and thoughts and opinions of your neighbors and fellow citizens – you will also find general information about the City. From listings of houses of worship to local news coverage from a variety of periodicals, from information on local activities to a list of stops the Englewood Trolley makes, Englewood One Community seeks to fill the black hole of local information about our vibrant community that presently exists on the web.

All that being said, Englewood One Community is your forum and your platform. If you don’t see information here that would be helpful to the community, add it or suggest it. If you would like to email the Mayor about something that concerns you, send in your thoughts. If you are not sure which City department to direct your question to, ask the question. If you disagree with a position one of your fellow citizens has taken on an important issue in one of our discussion groups, make your opinion known.

This effort to bring our City to the community cannot happen without your participation. So please take part and do your civic duty at Englewood One Community – speak through it, use it as a tool, and visit often.