Budget 2017 – Mayor Huttle Calls on Council to Halt Tax Hike

24 February 2017 158 views No Comment

Dear Residents,

It is once again time for the City Council to adopt an annual budget – a document that may seem abstract to many, but has real, everyday consequences for each and every resident of our City.
This year I’m gravely concerned because despite my warnings last year, the ill-advised decision to use one-time revenue from the sale proceeds of a City property, the Liberty School, to plug a budget hole has come back to haunt us.

Unless the City Council takes immediate action to cut spending, residents could be facing a nearly unprecedented 7.5 percent hike in property taxes.
To me this is simply unacceptable so I sent a letter to each Council member outlining a number of steps that must be taken to ward off this crisis. For a look at the bigger picture, you can read my full letter below.

We have come too far in recent years to simply turn our backs on sound financial planning. We adopted a historic, new Master Plan that provides an exciting blueprint for our future, ratables continue to grow, and we are poised to witness nearly $200 million in new tax assessments and over $3 million in new annual tax revenues this year and the next two years through exciting new development. This added revenue will reduce the tax burden on residential homes.

Your help is crucial to continue this progress. Please take a moment to call or email your Council Member and urge them to take the steps I have outlined to cut spending and roll back this massive, proposed tax hike (click for email):

Councilman Charles Cobb (At Large)
Councilman Marc Forman (Ward 1)
Councilman Michael Cohen (Ward 2)
Councilman Eugene Skurnick (Ward 3)
Councilman Wayne Hamer (Ward 4)

No crisis is too big if we tackle it together.


Mayor Frank Huttle III

Mayor Huttle – Letter to Council on 2017 Budget (2.24.2017)

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