New garbage trucks to begin cleaning up city

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Dear Residents:

Please see the article entitled: “New garbage trucks to begin cleaning up city” in the June 5, 2014 Suburbanite:

I am pleased to announce the pilot program which will have one man garbage trucks to reomove garbage and recyclables. The test phaes will start in August in both the First and Fourth Wards. This will reduce the issue of DPW workers getting hurt on the job.


Mayor Frank Huttle III

New garbage trucks to begin test program this summer in Englewood

JUNE 5, 2014 LAST UPDATED: THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 2014, 12:31 AM
ENGLEWOOD – A different way to remove garbage and recyclables from city streets will enter the test phase in the First and Fourth Wards starting this August.

The program will target approximately 98 percent of those residents, said City Manager Tim Dacey.

In June 2013, the city council approved purchasing three one-man garbage trucks for $815,000, which Dacey said are still being built. The last piece needed to start the test program was cemented when the city council on May 20 approved awarding a $400,000 contract to purchase 8,100 wheeled-garbage cans and recycling containers.

According to the contract, officials bought 7,000 95-gallon containers, 1,000 65-gallon containers and 100 35-gallon containers from Canada-based IPL Inc.

IPL Inc., will distribute one 95-gallon garbage can and one 95-gallon recycling bin to residents. Dacey said the administration will send a letter to residents informing them they may request two smaller size cans instead of the 95-gallon cans.

“Now basically for the same price, we were able to get from the vendor what I think is a healthier mixture of bins,” said Council President Lynne Algrant. “People look at them and think about ‘what’s right for me.’”

Ward 3 Councilman Eugene Skurnick abstained from the May 20 vote, saying he still had questions about the “significant” purchase.

“A majority of the council wants to go ahead with it,” said Skurnick. “I just felt I don’t have enough information to decide [if] it’s good or bad.”

During the May 13 workshop meeting, city officials debated how many 95-gallon cans to purchase, after Mayor Frank Huttle III raised concerns if residents, particularly seniors, could move the large sized can.

As a result of Huttle’s concerns, Dacey added an additional 400 65-gallon cans from the original estimates should residents want to request a smaller size.

Dacey said the council was also concerned that the 65-gallon recycling bin size was too small since the city had moved to single-stream recycling pickup.

Dacey anticipates about six to eight Department of Public Works employees who previously worked on sanitation will perform other jobs in the city during the test. He anticipates these workers will perform maintenance on city’s parks, building, downtown and parking lots.

Huttle said the test program will reduce the issue of DPW workers getting injured on the job.

“At the same time, it will allow us to use our pool of working staff at DPW to improve our services in the city, including our parks,” said Huttle. “What’s great about this is that it’s using our work force to better serve our community as a whole.”

Ward 2 Councilman Michael Cohen believes his area would welcome one-man garbage trucks “with open arms” if the vehicles were expanded to his ward. He said hundreds and thousands of municipalities across the country, as local as Hackensack, have used the trucks.

“My ward in particular is blessed with a lot of large families,” said Cohen. “Driving through the wards, many homes have multiple garbage cans that do not look aesthetically appealing.”

Algrant believed the one-man garage truck pilot program will be a success. She said the system is used successfully in Hackensack, which has streets narrower than Englewood.

“Moving forward, I think residents will find themselves to be thrilled because the truth is they honestly look neater on the street,” said Algrant. “It’s safer and healthier for our DPW workers.”

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