Council plans $15M in capital projects

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Please see article in the 5/1/14 Suburbanite entitled: “Council plans $15M in capital projects”

The City Council has set adie $15M in capital funds for road construction and building maintenance projects


Mayor Frank Huttle, III

Englewood council plans $15M in capital projects

MAY 1, 2014 LAST UPDATED: THURSDAY, MAY 1, 2014, 12:31 AM
ENGLEWOOD – The city council has earmarked $15 million in capital funds to undertake road reconstruction and building maintenance projects this summer.

The council plans to adopt the capital and operating budget at its April 29 meeting, pending review from the state. For homes assessed at $458,000, property taxes would increase $51.75.

The total capital investment in the 2014 capital budget is $15,233,482. The biggest capital item within the capital budget is $7.7 million for construction of a new firehouse. Officials plan to award a bid possibly in May and complete construction in July 2015, said City Engineer Ken Albert in March.

Officials will use $250,000 to replace furniture and trees in all city parks. Albert said most of this money will replace items like benches and garbage cans in Mackay Park.

A $315,000 repair project to Veteran’s Monument on West Palisade Avenue is scheduled for this year – although not before Memorial Day. Last year, Mayor Frank Huttle III pushed for renovation of the monument to ensure local veterans are honored.

Entranceway reconstruction and roof replacement for the Englewood Public Library, costing $64,000 and $165,000 respectively, is scheduled to occur either late this year or early spring of next year. Library Director Catherine Wolverton said the library roof has drainage issues, which has caused water damage on the ceiling. The spongy surface has also caused vegetation to grow on the top of the building, said Wolverton.

“I’m appreciative that the council is going to address this internal structure issue,” said Wolverton. “It’s absolutely fabulous.”Approximately $1.2 million is slanted for milling and pavement for at least 12 city streets. Davidson Place and Englewood Avenue from the railroad tracks to Wides Corner are the two most expensive projects, costing $101,351 and $310,000 respectively.

Albert said his department keeps an inventory of all roads, which are scheduled for milling and paving based on need. Despite a rough winter last year, Albert said the inventory of need is decreasing.

“We’ve been maintaining the roads pretty well,” said Albert. “They’re in fairly good condition.”

While the timeframe will vary from road to road, streets in the 3rd and 4th Wards have a lifespan that is almost twice as long as those in the 1st and 2nd Wards, said Albert.

Officials will use $2.6 million to reconstruct more than six roads in 2014, including Demarest Avenue, Hutchinson Road, Fountain Road, Arch Road, and Warren Street. Demarest Street needs a realignment to the height of sidewalk curbs in relation to the road, which will cost $440,000. Since the sanitary sewer system is starting to fail on Hutchinson Road, officials will spend $573,660 to tear open and close the street to replace the system.

The $2.6 million reconstruction will also include a curb and sidewalk program for Elkwood Terrace, Whitewood Road, and East Hudson Avenue for a combined $204,444.

“That’s a big project,” said Albert. “It will get people totally around to Engle Street from that neighborhood, which has no sidewalks.”

Approximately $120,000 was allocated for roof and infrastructure improvements to the Vincente K. Tibbs Child Development Center. The city-owned building will receive new ceiling tiles, flooring, plaster, and lights this year. Officials will also replace doors frames and molding in 2015.

“The inside needs a lot of work,” said Albert. “[The Tibbs Center] has a great program and we would like to support it.”


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