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Dear Residents,

It is now about 4:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday and I want to update you on the snow/ice storm that we have just experienced. Englewood DPW began operations at midnight and began plowing our streets overnight. We had about 5 inches of snow on the ground before the snow began to mix with freezing rain as daybreak neared. Once it began to mix, we shifted into a snow plowing and salt application mode, with about 25 trucks deployed throughout the City. We also went out to pick-up whatever recycling was placed at the curb. DPW will continue to pick-up recyclables on Thursday and Friday.

DPW, under Director Jim Koth, is continuing to plow and salt the side streets. This effort will continue throughout the night, as we clear the snow from the business districts and make sure that the roads are safe and clear around all of our schools.

I was able to work with the County and we did receive three truck loads of salt, which is about half of what they owe us. These loads will help Englewood during the current statewide shortage of salt that the media has been reporting on. By effectively managing our resources, our roads were mostly open and safe by noon today. I appreciate the cooperation of the residents of Englewood. There were few cars on the roads overnight, and most traffic seemed light this morning. This allowed DPW and the Police Department to better respond during the emergency situation we experienced this morning.

We expect all post-storm clean-up to be completed by Thursday morning.

Once again, thank you for your cooperation.


Mayor Frank Huttle

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