2013 Budget Process & the Mayor’s Budget and Finance Commission

13 February 2013 27 views No Comment

The Budget for 2013 will be one of the greatest challenges the City of Englewood has yet faced in the ongoing recovery of its municipal finances. The fiscal and budgetary climate facing the City, which is part and parcel of the external factors facing all New Jersey Municipalities, makes the balancing of the City Budget daunting. In addition, the City is still recuperating from decisions taken internally and the economic crisis of 2008.

Acknowledging these realities, Mayor Huttle has scheduled budget hearings well in advance of the upcoming late winter and early spring deadlines to make sure the budget process is well underway. Additionally, as part of a directive from the Mayor, the City Manager has begun preparations necessary for the Council and the Administration to be able to work through these challenges. The goal is the delivery of a budget for 2013 that maintains tax relief and keeps Englewood on the road to long term fiscal and budgetary recovery and health.

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