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Dear Residents,

Hurricane Sandy has been called the storm of the century with unimaginable consequences. Now that the worst has passed, it is time for the City of Englewood to move forward and help our residents return to normal as quickly and safely as possible.

On Sunday, I declared an official State of Emergency in the City of Englewood after getting briefed on the severity of the storm over the weekend. Our Office of Emergency Management (OEM) worked in coordination with all City departments and City Hall staff around the clock throughout Sandy to make sure that Englewood residents were safe. Now, we are all working together to deal with the aftermath of the storm.

While 5,000-6,000 Englewood customers are without power, we are fortunate considering the catastrophic effects of Sandy felt across our region. All over New Jersey and New York, communities have been decimated, experiencing tragic loss of life, businesses, and property. Our thoughts and prayers should be with those whose lives have been devastated by the storm. In Englewood, our primary concerns are ensuring the continued safety of our residents and restoration of power.

PSE&G announced that it will take at least 5 days for full power restoration given that over 1.4 million customers are without power, the largest number in history. PSE&G has assembled a virtual army of over 1,550 technicians. However, power must first be restored to water treatment facilities to avoid contamination, then to hospitals, police and fire stations, and then to customers.

Until full electricity has been returned, please be mindful of conditions in our City. OEM requests that you remain at home if possible until fallen electrical wires and trees are removed from the streets.

The City of Englewood joins Governor Christie’s executive order cancelling Halloween and moving it to Monday. Please do not trick-or-treat outside today. Safety is our first priority, especially for our children.

In tough times the City of Englewood has united to help our friends and neighbors, and I know that we will do that now. In an emergency meeting held with the City Council last night, members of our community offered their assistance. We established a Volunteer Committee to communicate vital information and make sure the City is aware of anyone in need of immediate help. To volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Andrea Katz, representative of Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle’s office, at 201-871-6666 or

To report an outage, please call PSE&G at 1-800-436-7734. You may also call the Office of Emergency Management at 201-567-3124. County Executive Donovan has opened a shelter at Bergen Community College, located at 400 Paramus Road in Paramus. Please call OEM if you need transportation, which the County will provide.

Finally, we thank all residents for your cooperation and patience as City Officials and our community work to address the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Please forward this message to any City resident who may not have received this information.


Mayor Frank Huttle III

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Dear Friends,

Governor Christie has declared a State of Emergency in the State due to the Hurricane Sandy. I have also declared a State of Emergency in the City of Englewood. I would urge all residents to observe voluntary restrictions and stay in their homes, do not travel or use the roads once the storm hits today. Falling trees and flooding are dangerous and with record levels of rainfall starting on Monday, everyone must exercise extreme caution.

The severity of the Hurricane Sandy cannot be underestimated. The National Hurricane Center reported that the Storm had maximum sustained winds near 75 miles per hour. On the Governor’s last conference call Sunday evening, each arm of State, County and Local governments has prepared through the State’s Office of Emergency Management for this storm, one that has never been seen before where a Hurricane collides with a Nor’easter and then is tracked to make landfall with a hard left into the Jersey Shore on Monday evening. It goes without saying, we must be extremely vigilant. The entire state and several other states will be hit by this storm. Englewood is no exception.

Remember a smaller storm last year, Hurricane Irene, and its aftermath. This storm is much different and may last up to 36 hours. In our conference call on Friday with PSEG, the Company explained that it has aggressively upgraded the work in the region in preparation of storms like this one, including the trimming of trees in Englewood, and strategically installing mobile transformers. In addition, the deployment of line / restoration crews is already underway. With this being said, an extended period of wind gusts between 40 and 60 mph is forecast by AccuWeather for two days, which will take its toll on structures, trees and power lines.

For residents who would like to park their cars off-street to avoid the risk of damage, the parking garage has been opened and will be free and open throughout the storm. Please use the Englewood Avenue entrance.

The Englewood Office of Emergency Management will be fully operational Monday morning and will work to monitor the storm and any and all events that arise as a result. The following contact information should be used to communicate with authorities.

For all storm related issues, please email This email address will be available 24 hours prior to the storm and 24 hours after the storm. The email address will be monitored by the Englewood Office of Emergency Management. It can be used at any time, but will be particularly helpful to alert authorities through your smart phone.

Additional phone contacts are:

* Emergencies: 9-1-1
* Englewood Police: (201) 568-2700
* Englewood Fire: (201) 568-6300
* Englewood Dept of Public Works: (201) 568-3401
* Englewood Health Department: (201) 568-3450
* PSE&G Customer Service: 1-800-436-PSEG
* United Water: 201-487-0011
* Verizon: 1-800-275-2355
* Optimum: (201) 262-8600

Please print out this email and keep it with the above contact information in a safe place in the event you lose power for any period of time. Please pass along this important information to your friends and neighbors and forward this email to those who live in Englewood. The City and I will send out updates. For updates, you may also check the City’s official website at and I will also post updates at Stay home and be safe.

Best Regards,

Mayor Frank Huttle III

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From Englewood-Englewood Cliffs Patch:

Dozens of community members and other stakeholders turned up at Congregation Ahavath Torah Monday evening for the second public hearing on the City of Englewood Master Plan, which officials hope to adopt by early 2013.

“I consider it historic to have a true community-driven master plan by all the forces of Englewood,” said Englewood Mayor Frank Huttle. “This our second of two, and there will be more.”

Noting that in his State of the City address last Tuesday, he enumerated “why [Englewood is] different and why we could weather any storm and be better,” Huttle said, “Our city is truly unique, and we just have to plan for it.”

The mayor called Monday’s public hearing a “city-wide focus group,” and after presentations by representatives of the three planning and consulting groups Englewood has engaged to develop the plan— Brown & Keener Urban Design, Regional Plan Association (RPA) and Urban Planners—people in attendance took part in break-out work sessions, the purpose of which was to provide feedback the city, the Planning Board and the three organizations can use in developing a final plan.

The focus Monday was in four areas: light rail extension, downtown business, neighborhoods and community amenities and Englewood as an emerging job center.

“We are soliciting participation,” Huttle said. “That’s why you’re about to go to work, and that’s how we are going to plan our city, because how we plan the city’s future—first to identify what you like or believe our city is and where you want to take it.”

Lewis J. Baer of the Englewood Planning Board said the idea of the master plan is to attract people and businesses to Englewood and to make the city a “destination within our county.”

Baer said officials, in partnership with the three planners, would take the information gathered at Monday’s breakout sessions, “refine it and make it something that will be in all of our best interests.”

“We want to make Englewood better than it is now, and the process that we’re about to embark upon really recognizes the input from the community,” Baer said. “It really can’t work any other way.”

He added that creating a master plan requires compromises, but also “forward thinking” and “a lot of what ifs.”

“But that’s the whole point of this process,” Baer said.

The first public hearing was held on June 27 at the Community Baptist Church.

A record of that meeting is available here, documentation and FAQs about the master plan can be found here and you can take a survey by clicking here.

The new master plan, which officials hope to adopt in early 2013, is being updated just three years after Englewood’s 2009 master plan, officials say, because of the need for “neighborhood preservation,” new census data, greater public engagement, the “public’s desire” for a community center, the possibility of three light rail stations in the city and redevelopment like the Lincoln and Liberty schools and the MacKay Park Ice Arena.

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Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, in late June there was an exciting meeting held with the Englewood community on the New Master Plan. With almost 300 residents in attendance, it was an unprecedented event. The Master Plan professionals have been hard at work digesting all of the feedback we received as they begin to craft the new Plan. The second citywide focus group will be held on Monday, October 22, 2012 at 7:00PM at Congregation Ahavath Torah in Englewood and is an event that should not be missed!

The strength of our community is its diversity; and its strength is enhanced when we join together as one community in one place to plan our City’s future. We have been overwhelmed by the response to this new community driven approach toward planning for Englewood’s future. It’s intended to inform the community where the opportunities are but also where the compromises are. The Second Public Meeting on October 22nd is the critical next step in this Englewood-wide, civic exercise based on broad participation and interactive discussion among residents.

Simply stated, this is a City wide focus group and it has worked in major cities and other government entities around the country.

Each resident is an integral part of Englewood’s one community. The Master Plan is the blueprint for our City’s future and its vision will impact every facet of the quality of life in our community. We would urge you to join us at this important public meeting as your voice should be heard.

I look forward to seeing you Monday evening. Join us, participate, be informed and let your voice be heard.

Best regards,

Mayor Frank Huttle III

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Mayor Huttle Convenes Second Englewood City Wide Master Plan Meeting to be held Monday, October 22nd at Congregation Ahavath Torah

Gathering at Ahavath Torah is a City Wide focus group and promises to build on the excitement generated by the first meeting and continue the momentum of the historic Englewood Master Plan Process

WHO: Mayor Frank Huttle III, the Planning Board of the City of Englewood, Master Plan professionals from the firms Brown and Keener and Regional Plan Association
WHAT: Second City Wide Master Plan Meeting
WHERE: Congregation Ahavath Torah, 240 Broad Avenue, Englewood, NJ 07631
WHEN: Monday, October 22, 2012 at 7PM

(ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY) – On Monday, October 22, 2012 at 7PM, please join Mayor Frank Huttle III and Members of the Englewood Planning Board along with the City’s Master Plan Professionals for the Second City Wide Master Plan meeting. Building on the momentum of the exciting first public meeting where over 300 residents attended, this second public meeting promises to be as energetic as the Planning Professionals begin the next phase of the planning process and presenting specific ideas to the residents. The new Master Plan process has been historic in its scope, employing a community driven approach which brings all constituencies within Englewood’s One Community to the table. The ultimate product, based on broad participation and consensus, will be a more enduring and sustainable Master Plan. All residents and press are invited to attend.

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Professor Raphael Caprio of the Rutgers University Bloustein School joins Mayor Frank Huttle III to discuss the “Municipal Tsunami” facing NJ’s cities and towns

Noted Rutgers University Professor and Expert on Municipal Finance will speak at Englewood City Council meeting and outline the challenges municipalities face Statewide followed by Mayor Huttle’s Annual State of the City Address

WHO: Mayor Frank Huttle III and Professor Raphael Caprio of the Rutgers University Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
WHAT: Professor Caprio Presentation on the Municipal Tsunami followed Mayor’s State of the City Address
WHERE: bergenPAC, 30 North Van Brunt Street, Englewood, NJ 07631
WHEN: Tuesday, October 16, 2011 at 6.30PM

(ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY) – On Tuesday, October 16th please join Mayor Frank Huttle III and Professor Raphael Caprio of the Bloustein School for a presentation on the “Municipal Tsunami” facing all of New Jersey’s 566 municipalities. The presentation will take place at an Englewood City Council meeting which will begin with a presentation by Professor Caprio including a question and answer session followed by a short break, after which Council business will resume and Mayor Huttle will proceed with his State of the City presentation. Mayor Huttle will outline solutions for the problems facing Englewood that are similar to those faced by municipalities across the State. All residents, the public and press are invited to attend.

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