Memorial Day Thank You

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Dear Friends,

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this past Memorial Day, the parade, ceremony and
festivities, it was one of the largest turnouts we’ve had in years. Whenever, I am able to be part of an
event where Englewood comes together as one community, it makes me proud to be the Mayor and a
resident of our great City.

We sometime think of Memorial Day as the beginning of summer and it is, especially given the warm
weather last Monday. Though the day certainly serves as this kind of marker, we must never forget that
it is a solemn day meant to mark the dedication of those who serve our Country in uniform, some of
whom have made the ultimate sacrifice.

We as a City have always made sure to honor those men and women who have served and sacrificed
for us all. In fact, an indelible part of the City is “the monument” something we see everyday. That
monument, which honors the war dead of Englewood, is an embodiment of the City’s commitment to
making sure that we never forget. We again renewed that commitment together as one community on
Memorial Day 2012, and it was a wonderful day.

I would also like to thank all of the members of the Englewood Police and Fire Departments and
Ambulance Corp. as well as uniformed service members who participated and made a special
contribution to the parade and ceremony. And, last but certainly not least, someone without whom we
could not have a Memorial Day in Englewood – Olga Mosciaro. Olga, whose father served in the First
World War, is a living embodiment of patriotism and the spirit of remembrance that underlies Memorial
Day. Not only that, she organizes the whole parade and ceremony! So thank you Olga for all you do for
the City and for our Veterans and Service Men and Women.

Please all have a safe and wonderful summer and stay tuned for some exciting updates of things
happening in the City.

Frank Huttle III
City of Englewood

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