Excitement Builds for Citywide Focus Group – Planning Englewood’s Future

26 June 2012 26 views No Comment

Dear Friends,

In early June there was an exciting meeting held with the Englewood planning board members, City council members, residents and leaders of the community on the New Master Plan— Planning Englewood’s Future. The attendees of this meeting have been hard at work serving as a catalyst to engage the entire community in the first of three public meetings for the New Master Plan for Englewood. The first citywide focus group will be held on Wednesday, June 27 at 7:00PM at the Community Baptist Church at 224 First Street in Englewood. The next two meetings will be held in September and November at two different locations in the City. Times and places to be announced.

The strength of our community is its diversity; and its strength is enhanced when we join together as one community in one place to plan our City’s future. We have been overwhelmed by the response to this new community driven approach toward planning for Englewood’s future. It’s intended to inform the community where the opportunities are but also where the compromises are. Wednesday evening is to be an important first event in an Englewood-wide, civic exercise based on broad participation and interactive discussion among residents.

Simply stated, this is a City wide focus group and it has worked in major cities and other government entities around the country.

Each resident is an integral part of Englewood’s one community. The Master Plan is the blueprint for our City’s future and its vision will impact every facet of the quality of life in our community. We would urge you to join us at this important public meeting as your voice should be heard. Click here for the PDF of the flyer for the public meeting and please feel free to distribute it via email. For more information go to www.englewoodone.com.

I look forward to seeing you Wednesday evening. Join us, participate, be informed and let your voice be heard.

Best regards,

Mayor Frank Huttle III

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