October 29th Storm Updates

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11/2/2011 – Update from Mayor Frank Huttle III on Progress by PSE&G

Dear Residents,

I just received an update from PSE&G and am writing again to pass along the information.

By way of background to understand the extent of the damage, circuits from the following substations were damaged affecting outages in the City: Bergenfield, Dumont, Englewood, Leonia, Hillsdale, Hudson Terrace, New Milford, Paramus, Ridgefield, Teaneck and Waldwick.  There was extensive tree damage to primary feeds and individual services.  Wires are down throughout our City and surrounding areas due to the downed trees.  Crews were dispatched as of late Sunday.  Initial efforts focused on reevaluating the extent of the damage and repairs to restore the maximum number of residents.

To date, 3,700 Englewood PSE&G customers remain without service.  At the height of the storm over 7,500 were without power in the City.  Restoration activity has increased due to PSE&G crews now being supplemented by crews arriving from Alabama, Georgia and other states.  PSE&G expects the majority of customers to be restored by midnight on Thursday.

I will continue to keep you updated as I receive more information.


Mayor Frank Huttle III

11/2/2011 – Message from Mayor Frank Huttle III; November 2, 5:30PM

Dear Residents,

As of 10:30 AM PS&G reported that less than 900 customers remain out of service in Englewood and as of 12:30 PM their customer count shows Englewood 675 customers still remain out of service. Crews continue to work to restore service with additional crews from Florida and Mississippi that arrived today to assist in the restoration efforts.

The City’s Department of Public Works continues to work on trees and picking up branches. Branches will continue to be picked up curbside through Thursday of next week. No appointment is necessary.

I will keep you advised of any updates that I receive from PSE&G.


Mayor Frank Huttle III

11/1/2011 – Update from Mayor Frank Huttle III

Dear Residents:

I had a meeting this morning with executives from PSE&G regarding their response in Englewood to the weekend’s storm.

The Police Department, Fire Department, and DPW have been working diligently since Saturday night to clear roads of debris, remove fallen tree branches, keep traffic moving safely and assist Englewood residents.

I informed PSE&G that Englewood will assist them as they mobilize crews from multiple states to work to clear wires from trees.  The Police Station, Firehouse and Town Center all have had power restored since Monday night and crews are working in all four wards to restore residential power.

When I contacted the President of PSE&G I was advised that their goal is to have all power restored by Thursday.  I understand that this is a long time for residents who have not had power since Saturday or Sunday.

I have asked the PSE&G executives to work with the City, after this crisis passes, to re-establish the total system of protocols for emergency situations in the future.  A mobilization time of 48-72 hours is too long and we hope to be able to work with PSE&G to reduce this in the future.

Please note that the City cannot work in trees that have downed wires in them until PSE&G cuts out the wires.

Englewood DPW will be working on trees and picking up branches all week.  No appointment is required for branch pick-ups.

I will keep you advised of any updates that I receive from PSE&G.


Mayor Frank Huttle III

10/31/2011 – Message from Mayor Huttle

Dear Residents:

This weekend’s storm was very damaging to property in the City of Englewood.

Over 7,500 homes lost power and hundreds of trees were damaged due to the weight of the snow and the winds. The most important thing that all residents should do is be concerned about safety, stop at all intersections where the traffic lights are out and do not move barricades or caution tape that has been put-up near down wires or trees.

I have written to PSE&G and have given them lists of all trees that are down or damaged and are involved in wires. I have asked PSE&G to give me an update as to when they expect to get power returned to the residents of Englewood.

The City of Englewood is actively working to recover from this past weekend’s storm. Due to the extensive damage, however, it may take several days until all roadways are completely reopened, and free of debris. There are still multiple wires and trees down throughout the City. If you encounter any down wires, immediately leave the area. Do not attempt, under any circumstances, to move any down or low hanging wires. Please remind all children and adults who may be going door to door tonight for trick or treating to stay away from all wires and damaged trees.

It is strongly recommended that those with young children, the elderly, and those with special needs, who are without power and/or heat, seek shelter at a location that has adequate temperature control and protection from the weather.

The City of Englewood Library, located at 31 Engle Street, meets these criteria, and will be open to all Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 9:00 PM.

A regional shelter has been established at the FDU Rothman Center, 100 University Plaza Drive, Hackensack.  The regional shelter is open and available with food, beverage, and cots. People can stay overnight, if they do, should plan to bring the following items with them:

• Medications
• Identifications
• Toiletries
• Clothing and whatever else they need to be comfortable

Please remember that 9-1-1 is for emergencies only. To report non emergencies, the City of Englewood Police Department can be reached at (201) 568-2700.

Further updates will provided by the City of Englewood, as needed, in the upcoming days.

Thank you,
Mayor Frank Huttle III

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