Post-Hurricane Irene Electricity Update from 9/1 at 3:30PM

1 September 2011 11 views No Comment

Dear Englewood Resident,

After having almost power restored to almost all residents, PSE&G had an emergency at the Englewood substation that has knocked out power to between 2,001 and 5,000 PSE&G customers in the City. An animal got into the substation which started a fire causing the substation to go off line. The next substation in New Milford picked-up all of the Englewood customers until the electric draw on it became too high, which shut it down. This has resulted in many Englewood residents losing power. In addition, due to heavy demand, PSE&G has done some rolling blackouts, none of which were targeted to Englewood.

I just spoke to the city’s representative at PSE&G who advised that they are completing repairs on the Englewood and New Milford substations. They are in the process of restoring power to Englewood and hope to have all power restored by the early evening today.

If I get more information, I will pass it along to you.


Mayor Frank Huttle III

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