Hurricane Advisory from the City’s Office of Emergency Management

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The National Hurricane Center is advising that Hurricane Irene is expected to impact the New Jersey New York area.  As a result of the hurricanes heavy rain and winds, severe flooding throughout the area is expected.  Additionally, trees and power lines may be damaged as a result the storm.

The damage from the trees and power lines will make driving on the roadways hazardous.  As such, all residents are asked to remain indoors and refrain from driving on the roadway during the hurricane, unless an emergency warrants such action.

Residents should expect power outages that could last for an extended period of time, and should prepare accordingly.

Residents are urged to have the following:

·        flashlights with a supply of batteries

·        At least a three day supply of water and non-perishable foods (for each person and any pets)

·        A three day supply of necessary medications

·        A basic first aid kit

·        Manually / battery operated tools and resources (can openers, radios, screwdrivers & pliers)

·        Charge any devices that may require charging

Any lose items on your property should be secured or put away.

Residents should report any hazardous conditions to the Police or Fire Departments immediately

9-1-1 should be used for emergencies only

The police department can be contact at 201-568-2700

The fire department can be contacted at 201-568-6300

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