Englewood Mayor Frank Huttle III Releases Mayor’s Commission on Budget and Finance Report

7 July 2011 138 views One Comment

ENGLEWOOD, NJ – Mayor Frank Huttle III today released the Commission’s Report on the City’s budget and fiscal situation, stressing that the City faces the worst economic recession seen in over 70 years and urging the City Council and City Manager to make drastic changes to the way municipal government is financed in order to get Englewood back on a sound fiscal footing.

“For years, politicians have painted an unrealistically rosy picture to our residents of the City’s financial situation while kicking the can down the road, exacerbating an already bad fiscal environment,” said Mayor Huttle. “Unfortunately, we have come to the end of that road. Revenues have declined, costs have risen and state aid has become all but nonexistent.”

Mayor Huttle pointed to skyrocketing labor and healthcare costs as the main culprit in the City’s deteriorating financial situation and urged a move towards realistic compensation, shared services and long-term fiscal planning to improve conditions.

“Labor costs are crippling our City budget, diverting resources away from vital municipal services,” Mayor Huttle concluded.  “The unavoidable truth is this: the old ways of doing business are unsustainable. We now have no other option than to do things differently and responsibly, budgeting for long-term health — not just for any given year. Sound planning leads to sound policies and I am committed to restoring financial health and balance to our municipal government. I urge the City Council, City Manager, our department heads and our public employee unions to join me in preserving our sustainable future together by implementing the recommendations of this Commission.”

Please click here to access a copy of the Commission’s Report. Hard copies of the Report are available at City Hall.


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  • theizzy said:

    Any attempt to scale back the labor expenditures is doomed to fail, as all unions rely on an anti Englewood bias on the arbitration panels.
    i suggest that the ONLY solution is to go bankrupt in one way or another where the restructuring allowed by the court would afford us to do what we must to put Englewood on the straight and narrow path to financial stability.
    also in doing so, it will force the political machinery stop milking Englewood.
    what was done in past years is bordering on the criminal and the still remaining closed detailed expense books, notice emphasis on DETAILED, are driving us to discouraging people from moving in, reduces the values of houses and causes ongoing spiraling increased taxes till when?!?!?!
    Soli Foger

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