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Below you will find a list of articles on the State Budget. Please come back to EnglewoodOne as the list will be frequently updated.

7.6.11 – States Biggest Issues Get Their Due LINK

7.5.11 – Christie Budget Cuts Will Make it Hard for Towns to Stabilize Property Taxes, Lobbying Group Says LINK

7.4.11 – In New Jersey, the Upshot of the Pension, Benefit Reform Plan LINK

7.1.11 Christie Trims Spending, Inks $29.7 Billion Budget LINK

7.1.11 Governor Christie Signs State Budget After Series of Deep Cuts LINK

7.1.11 Governor Pares $900M from NJ Budget, Signs into Law LINK

6.30.11 Christie Wields His Line-Item Veto Power LINK

6.30.11 Christie Signs a $29.7 Billion State Budget LINK

6.29.11 – Christie: NJ Homeowners Will See Property Tax Relief Due to Benefits Overhaul in Late 2012 LINK

6.28.11 – Chris Christie Signs Bill Requiring Unions Pay More LINK

6.28.11 – Christie’s Pension Victory May Come at the Expense of the Middle Class LINK

6.28.11 – Christie Signs NJ Employee Benefits Overhaul Bill LINK

6.28.11 – NJ Senate Approves Employee Pension and Health Benefits Reform LINK

6.28.11 – New Jersey Senate Sends Benefits Reform Bill to Governor LINK

6.28.11 – NJ Governor Signs Bill Reining in Employee Benefits LINK

6.27.11 – Braun: NJ Public Workers Aren’t the Enemy – or the Solution – in Budget Battle LINK

6.27.11 – NJ Democratic Budget Proposal Restores Funding to Medicaid, Provides $50M to Public Safety Fund LINK

6.27.11 – NJ Democrats to Introduce Budget Today that Restores Funding to Medicaid LINK

6.27.11 - NJ Senate to Vote Today on Nixing Out-of-State Treatment Health Care Restriction LINK

6.26.11 – Final Vote on NJ Benefits Bill Merely a Formality LINK

6.26.11 – Governor Christie Calls Pension Overhaul His Biggest Governmental Victory in Exclusive Interview LINK

6.26.11 – Political Wrestling Match Likely Over NJ Budget LINK

6.25.11 – Christie Slams NJ Democrats’ Budget Plan LINK

6.25.11 – Democrats’ Support of NJ Employee Pension Reform Has Unions Threatening Payback at the Ballot LINK

6.25.11 – Governor Chris Christie Rips Democrats’ Budget Proposal, Warns of More Modest Revenue Projection LINK

6.25.11 – NJ Governor Known for Confrontation Touts Compromises LINK

6.25.11 – NJ Governor Suggests Washinton Follow NJ’s Lead LINK

6.24.11 – Governor Christie Gets Big Win in New Jersey Over Public Unions LINK

6.24.11 – Landmark Bipartisan Pension and Health Benefits Reform LINK

6.24.11 – NJ Assembly Passes Bill Calling on Public Unions to Pay More for Health Care LINK

6.24.11 – NJ Cuts Union Benefits; Will Ax Fall Nationwide? LINK

6.24.11 – NJ Governor Christie Jabs Obama on Budget Talks LINK

6.23.11 – Calmer Christie Praises Bipartisan Bill on Pension Benefits Reform LINK

6.22.11 – Christie Wins on Pension, Health Benefits Reform LINK

6.22.11 – Governor Christie Arrives at Fair Lawn for Town Hall LINK

6.21.11 – Effort to Cut NJ Public Worker Benefits Advances Despite ‘Revolutionary’ Opposition LINK

6.21.11 – NJ Approves Benefits Reform LINK

6.21.11 – NJ Latest State to Push Public-Employee Pension Reform LINK

6.21.11 – NJ Lawmakers Down to Wire on State Budget Bill LINK

6.21.11 – NJ Senate President Sweeney’s Defining Move Painful for Public Unions LINK

6.20.11 – Editorial: NJ Pension, Health Benefits Reform is a Necessary First Step LINK

6.20.11 – In New Jersey, Bill Advances on Public Workers’ Benefits LINK

6.20.11 – Looming Vote Over Public Worker Benefits Highlights Rift Between NJ Democrats LINK

6.20.11 – NJ Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver Testifies in Favor of Insurance, Pension Overhaul LINK

6.20.11 – South Brunswick Teachers Union Reacts to State Proposal to Reform Benefits, Pensions LINK

6.20.11 – State Senate Passes Pension Reform Legislation LINK6.20.11 – Sweeney Will Again Try Scaling Back Worker Costs LINK

6.20.11 – Unions Take PR Hit by Attacking Reformers LINK

6.20.11 – Update: NJ Senate, Assembly Panel OK Pension, Health Benefits Overhaul LINK

6.19.11 – Stay the Course and Fix Benefits LINK

6.18.11 – Expert: Reforms Package Falls Short LINK

6.18.11 – NJ Democrats to Introduce Millionaires Tax Bill LINK

6.18.11 – Thousands of New Jersey State Workers Protest Savage Concessions LINK

6.17.11 – Democrats Fight Part of New Benefits Bill That Prevents Public Employees from Getting Treatment Outside of NJ LINK

6.17.11 – Details of NJ Public Worker Pension and Health Benefits Reform Bill LINK

6.17.11 – Moran: Real Leadership Sang Louder Than NJ Union’s Tired Refrains LINK

6.17.11 – NJ Democrats Try New Tactic to Foil Medicaid Cuts LINK

6.17.11 – NJ Senate Committee Approves Health, Pension Benefit Reform Despite Union Protests LINK

6.17.11 – NJ Senate Panel Advances Plan for Public Employees to Pay More for Benefits LINK

6.17.11 – Representative Holt Opposes Health Care and Pension Reform LINK

6.17.11 – Senate Committee Approves Bill to Change Public Worker Benefits and Pensions LINK

6.16.11 – As Protestors Call Out Bosses, Sources Admit, ‘There is Norcross-Joe D Fatigue’ in Democratic Caucus LINK

6.16.11 – Business Leaders Applaud Christie Announcement on Pension, Health Benefit Agreement LINK

6.16.11 – Codey Condemns Out-of-State Prohibitions in Pension/Benefits Reform Bill LINK

6.16.11 – Democrats Introduce Pension Reform Bill Without Health Care Component LINK

6.16.11 – For Some NJ Seniors, Social Security Can’t Stave Off the Rising Tax Ride LINK

6.16.11 – Full Text of Senator Steve Sweeney’s Testimony on Pension and Benefit Reform LINK

6.16.11 – Governor: Pension Deal to Help Build Affordable NJ LINK

6.16.11 – NJ Senate Committee Approves Benefits Bill to Impact 500K Public Employees LINK6.16.11 – Pension & Benefit Reform: Taking Sides LINK

6.16.11 – Senate Committee Approves Pension Reform Bill LINK

6.16.11 – Senate Committee Passes Pension and Benefits Legislation LINK

6.16.11 – Sweeney Defends His Landmark Pension and Benefit Reform LINK

6.16.11 – Sweeney: ‘More Than Enough’ Votes to Pass Reform in Senate LINK

6.16.11 – US Senator Menendez Speaks Out Against Deal to Overhaul Pension, Health Benefits for NJ Workers LINK

6.15.11 – NJ Pension Reform Deal Reached Between Christie and 4 Top Lawmakers in Trenton LINK

6.13.11 – Unions Respond to NJ Reforms With Hypocrisy LINK

6.12.11 – Pension Reform Deal is Within Reach LINK

6.9.11 – Chris Christie Applies Budget Chainsaw to Medicaid LINK

6.7.11 – NJ Senate Democrats Consider Budget That Would Increase School Funding by $600M, Reintroduce ‘Millionaire Tax’ LINK

6.1.11 – Christie Proposal to Slash Medicaid by $540 Million Puts NJ at Center of National Debate LINK

5.26.11 – Six Towns, Headed by Asbury Park, to Share $13M in State Aid if Governor Christie’s Budget is Approved LINK

5.24.11 – Democrat Says Christie’s Budget Philosophy ‘Born Out of a Moral Vacuum’ LINK

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