New Jersey’s State Budget and EnglewoodOne

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Dear Residents:

I have created a new section on Englewood One to provide you with regular updates about the New Jersey State Budget. Our State Budget is an important document and one that will have a great impact upon our municipality, its residents, and our own City Budget. Because the State Budget can sometimes be complex and confusing, I wanted to create a simple place where residents could come to stay informed.

This year’s State Budget is not only important, but it is historic. The stakes are higher than ever before, and our State legislators are looking to provide New Jersey taxpayers with means of attaining a more sustainable and fiscally responsible future.

With the support of Governor Chris Christie, Senate President Steven Sweeney, and both Democrats and Republicans alike, we have landmark legislation moving through the legislature at this very moment affecting nearly all of New Jersey’s 500,000 public employees.

If enacted, this legislation would sharply raise the cost of health benefits and pensions for all public employees. Pension costs would be increased up to 2% of workers’ salaries for all public employees while doubling, and in some cases even tripling, their health care contributions. Nearly $3 billion in costs over ten years will shift from state and local governments to public employees.

The legislation passed in the Assembly on June 20, and on June 23 will go to the Assembly for a vote and if approved, will reach the Governor’s desk for his signature to become law.

The State can no longer operate as it has in the past. Major changes are expected, and I encourage you to follow along and to stay informed as the decisions that are made in Trenton will greatly have an impact upon our City and its residents.

To access the new State Budget page on EnglewoodOne directly, please click here. I will regularly update this portion of EnglewoodOne to include more documents, articles, and postings, so please check back on a regular basis.

Mayor Frank Huttle III

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