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The Department of Treasury has created a web page which breaks down many of the details of the Pension and Health Benefits Reform Bill which was signed into law by Governor Christie this past Tuesday. Please click here to access this web page.

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(Englewood) – Englewood Mayor Frank Huttle III presents the Annual Fireworks Show on Thursday, June 30th at 7:30pm. This year’s event is expected to be a spectacular show. There will be a special performance by two of this year’s very own Englewood Idols, as well as a DJ and other musical entertainment. Vendors will be on hand serving a variety of delicious food and drinks.

The Mayor invites the general public to gather at Dwight Morrow High School’s front lawn in celebration of Independence Day. Join in the fun and celebrate the true meaning of Independence Day with a community as diverse as Englewood, New Jersey.

“I am happy to keep the Independence Day celebrations alive here in Englewood as we celebrate with our annual fireworks show,” the Mayor stated. “I would also like to thank all of our sponsors and volunteers who made this event possible for Englewood.”

Sponsors of this year’s fireworks are graciously led by Mayor Frank Huttle III, Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, 4 West Diner, bergenPAC and joined by Vero Uomo, Bartolomeo, TREECO, Bergen County Camera, Nisi, and Staples.

The Mayor went on to say, “I am pleased that our community has come together as one in order to make this great event happen. I look forward to seeing everyone there!”

FREE Englewood Fireworks
Thursday, June 30, 2011
Dwight Morrow High School
Front Lawn
274 Knickerbocker Road
Englewood, New Jersey 07631

Please visit for more information about the fireworks and other City news!

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Below you will find a list of articles on the State Budget. Please come back to EnglewoodOne as the list will be frequently updated.

7.6.11 – States Biggest Issues Get Their Due LINK

7.5.11 – Christie Budget Cuts Will Make it Hard for Towns to Stabilize Property Taxes, Lobbying Group Says LINK

7.4.11 – In New Jersey, the Upshot of the Pension, Benefit Reform Plan LINK

7.1.11 Christie Trims Spending, Inks $29.7 Billion Budget LINK

7.1.11 Governor Christie Signs State Budget After Series of Deep Cuts LINK

7.1.11 Governor Pares $900M from NJ Budget, Signs into Law LINK

6.30.11 Christie Wields His Line-Item Veto Power LINK

6.30.11 Christie Signs a $29.7 Billion State Budget LINK

6.29.11 – Christie: NJ Homeowners Will See Property Tax Relief Due to Benefits Overhaul in Late 2012 LINK

6.28.11 – Chris Christie Signs Bill Requiring Unions Pay More LINK

6.28.11 – Christie’s Pension Victory May Come at the Expense of the Middle Class LINK

6.28.11 – Christie Signs NJ Employee Benefits Overhaul Bill LINK

6.28.11 – NJ Senate Approves Employee Pension and Health Benefits Reform LINK

6.28.11 – New Jersey Senate Sends Benefits Reform Bill to Governor LINK

6.28.11 – NJ Governor Signs Bill Reining in Employee Benefits LINK

6.27.11 – Braun: NJ Public Workers Aren’t the Enemy – or the Solution – in Budget Battle LINK

6.27.11 – NJ Democratic Budget Proposal Restores Funding to Medicaid, Provides $50M to Public Safety Fund LINK

6.27.11 – NJ Democrats to Introduce Budget Today that Restores Funding to Medicaid LINK

6.27.11 - NJ Senate to Vote Today on Nixing Out-of-State Treatment Health Care Restriction LINK

6.26.11 – Final Vote on NJ Benefits Bill Merely a Formality LINK

6.26.11 – Governor Christie Calls Pension Overhaul His Biggest Governmental Victory in Exclusive Interview LINK

6.26.11 – Political Wrestling Match Likely Over NJ Budget LINK

6.25.11 – Christie Slams NJ Democrats’ Budget Plan LINK

6.25.11 – Democrats’ Support of NJ Employee Pension Reform Has Unions Threatening Payback at the Ballot LINK

6.25.11 – Governor Chris Christie Rips Democrats’ Budget Proposal, Warns of More Modest Revenue Projection LINK

6.25.11 – NJ Governor Known for Confrontation Touts Compromises LINK

6.25.11 – NJ Governor Suggests Washinton Follow NJ’s Lead LINK

6.24.11 – Governor Christie Gets Big Win in New Jersey Over Public Unions LINK

6.24.11 – Landmark Bipartisan Pension and Health Benefits Reform LINK

6.24.11 – NJ Assembly Passes Bill Calling on Public Unions to Pay More for Health Care LINK

6.24.11 – NJ Cuts Union Benefits; Will Ax Fall Nationwide? LINK

6.24.11 – NJ Governor Christie Jabs Obama on Budget Talks LINK

6.23.11 – Calmer Christie Praises Bipartisan Bill on Pension Benefits Reform LINK

6.22.11 – Christie Wins on Pension, Health Benefits Reform LINK

6.22.11 – Governor Christie Arrives at Fair Lawn for Town Hall LINK

6.21.11 – Effort to Cut NJ Public Worker Benefits Advances Despite ‘Revolutionary’ Opposition LINK

6.21.11 – NJ Approves Benefits Reform LINK

6.21.11 – NJ Latest State to Push Public-Employee Pension Reform LINK

6.21.11 – NJ Lawmakers Down to Wire on State Budget Bill LINK

6.21.11 – NJ Senate President Sweeney’s Defining Move Painful for Public Unions LINK

6.20.11 – Editorial: NJ Pension, Health Benefits Reform is a Necessary First Step LINK

6.20.11 – In New Jersey, Bill Advances on Public Workers’ Benefits LINK

6.20.11 – Looming Vote Over Public Worker Benefits Highlights Rift Between NJ Democrats LINK

6.20.11 – NJ Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver Testifies in Favor of Insurance, Pension Overhaul LINK

6.20.11 – South Brunswick Teachers Union Reacts to State Proposal to Reform Benefits, Pensions LINK

6.20.11 – State Senate Passes Pension Reform Legislation LINK6.20.11 – Sweeney Will Again Try Scaling Back Worker Costs LINK

6.20.11 – Unions Take PR Hit by Attacking Reformers LINK

6.20.11 – Update: NJ Senate, Assembly Panel OK Pension, Health Benefits Overhaul LINK

6.19.11 – Stay the Course and Fix Benefits LINK

6.18.11 – Expert: Reforms Package Falls Short LINK

6.18.11 – NJ Democrats to Introduce Millionaires Tax Bill LINK

6.18.11 – Thousands of New Jersey State Workers Protest Savage Concessions LINK

6.17.11 – Democrats Fight Part of New Benefits Bill That Prevents Public Employees from Getting Treatment Outside of NJ LINK

6.17.11 – Details of NJ Public Worker Pension and Health Benefits Reform Bill LINK

6.17.11 – Moran: Real Leadership Sang Louder Than NJ Union’s Tired Refrains LINK

6.17.11 – NJ Democrats Try New Tactic to Foil Medicaid Cuts LINK

6.17.11 – NJ Senate Committee Approves Health, Pension Benefit Reform Despite Union Protests LINK

6.17.11 – NJ Senate Panel Advances Plan for Public Employees to Pay More for Benefits LINK

6.17.11 – Representative Holt Opposes Health Care and Pension Reform LINK

6.17.11 – Senate Committee Approves Bill to Change Public Worker Benefits and Pensions LINK

6.16.11 – As Protestors Call Out Bosses, Sources Admit, ‘There is Norcross-Joe D Fatigue’ in Democratic Caucus LINK

6.16.11 – Business Leaders Applaud Christie Announcement on Pension, Health Benefit Agreement LINK

6.16.11 – Codey Condemns Out-of-State Prohibitions in Pension/Benefits Reform Bill LINK

6.16.11 – Democrats Introduce Pension Reform Bill Without Health Care Component LINK

6.16.11 – For Some NJ Seniors, Social Security Can’t Stave Off the Rising Tax Ride LINK

6.16.11 – Full Text of Senator Steve Sweeney’s Testimony on Pension and Benefit Reform LINK

6.16.11 – Governor: Pension Deal to Help Build Affordable NJ LINK

6.16.11 – NJ Senate Committee Approves Benefits Bill to Impact 500K Public Employees LINK6.16.11 – Pension & Benefit Reform: Taking Sides LINK

6.16.11 – Senate Committee Approves Pension Reform Bill LINK

6.16.11 – Senate Committee Passes Pension and Benefits Legislation LINK

6.16.11 – Sweeney Defends His Landmark Pension and Benefit Reform LINK

6.16.11 – Sweeney: ‘More Than Enough’ Votes to Pass Reform in Senate LINK

6.16.11 – US Senator Menendez Speaks Out Against Deal to Overhaul Pension, Health Benefits for NJ Workers LINK

6.15.11 – NJ Pension Reform Deal Reached Between Christie and 4 Top Lawmakers in Trenton LINK

6.13.11 – Unions Respond to NJ Reforms With Hypocrisy LINK

6.12.11 – Pension Reform Deal is Within Reach LINK

6.9.11 – Chris Christie Applies Budget Chainsaw to Medicaid LINK

6.7.11 – NJ Senate Democrats Consider Budget That Would Increase School Funding by $600M, Reintroduce ‘Millionaire Tax’ LINK

6.1.11 – Christie Proposal to Slash Medicaid by $540 Million Puts NJ at Center of National Debate LINK

5.26.11 – Six Towns, Headed by Asbury Park, to Share $13M in State Aid if Governor Christie’s Budget is Approved LINK

5.24.11 – Democrat Says Christie’s Budget Philosophy ‘Born Out of a Moral Vacuum’ LINK

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Congratulations Class of 2011!

On Friday, June 24th, seniors of Dwight Morrow High School and the Academies at Englewood gathered on the front lawn to partake in the 77th Annual Commencement Ceremony. Joined by their loved ones, families, friends, peers, and faculty and staff, DMAE graduates celebrated the end of one chapter of their lives, and the beginning of a bright new future.

Cid Wilson, ranked # 1 as an equity financial analyst by Forbes, was DMAE’s guest speaker this year, providing the students with tips for success and motivation to continue to strive to the top based on his own life experiences.

I was pleased to join all of the students and partake in the afternoon’s event. I wish all of Friday’s graduates much luck and success in all of their future endeavors.

Once again, congratulations Class of 2011!

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The agenda for the next City Council Meeting is now available. Click here to download a pdf of the agenda.

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The agenda for the next City Council Workshop Meeting is now available. Click here to download a pdf of the agenda.

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To find a list of New Jersey’s official State Budget documents for 2011-2012, click here.

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The agenda for the next City Council Meeting is now available. Click here to download a pdf of the agenda.

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Dear Residents:

I have created a new section on Englewood One to provide you with regular updates about the New Jersey State Budget. Our State Budget is an important document and one that will have a great impact upon our municipality, its residents, and our own City Budget. Because the State Budget can sometimes be complex and confusing, I wanted to create a simple place where residents could come to stay informed.

This year’s State Budget is not only important, but it is historic. The stakes are higher than ever before, and our State legislators are looking to provide New Jersey taxpayers with means of attaining a more sustainable and fiscally responsible future.

With the support of Governor Chris Christie, Senate President Steven Sweeney, and both Democrats and Republicans alike, we have landmark legislation moving through the legislature at this very moment affecting nearly all of New Jersey’s 500,000 public employees.

If enacted, this legislation would sharply raise the cost of health benefits and pensions for all public employees. Pension costs would be increased up to 2% of workers’ salaries for all public employees while doubling, and in some cases even tripling, their health care contributions. Nearly $3 billion in costs over ten years will shift from state and local governments to public employees.

The legislation passed in the Assembly on June 20, and on June 23 will go to the Assembly for a vote and if approved, will reach the Governor’s desk for his signature to become law.

The State can no longer operate as it has in the past. Major changes are expected, and I encourage you to follow along and to stay informed as the decisions that are made in Trenton will greatly have an impact upon our City and its residents.

To access the new State Budget page on EnglewoodOne directly, please click here. I will regularly update this portion of EnglewoodOne to include more documents, articles, and postings, so please check back on a regular basis.

Mayor Frank Huttle III

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Eugene Skurnick, candidate of the Democratic Committee of Bergen County and Glenn Coley, an independent Democrat, faced off in Englewood’s primary election on Tuesday, for 3rd Ward Council one of the few contested primaries in Bergen County.

Skurnick, a former Englewood Councilman (1978-1984), came out on top, defeating Coley 407 to 334 and ultimately securing the Democratic nomination for 3rd Ward Council seat. The difference of 23 votes between the veteran elected official and the newcomer was certainly an amazing feat for the latter, and we wish all the Democratic contenders the best of luck in the future.

I would like to congratulate Eugene Skurnick on his win and wish him much luck in November’s general election at which time he will face Republican Shalissa Burgess. I would also like to congratulate Glenn Coley, a Teaneck Police Officer, who opposed Mr. Skurnick. Although a newcomer to politics, Mr. Coley ran a solid campaign and I look forward to him remaining active in our community.

As a whole, Democrats did extremely well in Englewood, holding an overwhelming amount of votes over the Republican candidates on the ballot they will face in November. Not only would I like to congratulate the Democrats, but I would like to also give accolades to all those who ran in the primary election this year. It is people like you that ensure that our governmental system works as a true democracy.

To find a complete copy of the Unofficial Primary Election Results, please click here.

Unofficial Primary Election Results:

Republican Robert S. Lebovics – 67
Democrat Loretta Weinberg – 1028

Republican Keith Jensen – 64
Republican Gregory John Aslanian – 61
Democrat Gordon M. Johnson – 988
Democrat Valerie Vainieri Huttle – 980

County Clerk:
Republican Elizabeth Randall – 67
Democrat John S. Hogan – 951

Republican Andrew Cimiluca – 64
Democrat Michael R. Dressler – 953

Republican Joel Brizzi – 66
Republican Anthony W. Rottino – 62
Democrat David Ganz – 934
Democrat Joan Voss – 936

Council Ward 1:
Republican Michael Oren Epstein - 14
Democrat Marc A. Forman - 149

Council Ward 3:
Republican: Shalissa Burges – 29
Democrat Eugene Skurnick – 407
Democrat Glenn Coley – 334

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