Mayor Frank Huttle III Announces Municipal Budget With No Tax Increase – Says Englewood’s Finances at the “Tipping Point”

26 March 2011 70 views No Comment

Mayor Frank Huttle III today announced that the budget introduced this Tuesday at the City Council meeting will contain zero base tax increases without a reduction in services.  The mayor also warned that it was necessary to reduce spending across all levels of government in order to get Englewood’s fiscal house in order.

“This budget does not contain any tax increases but much more work remains to be done to ensure that it becomes a reality,” said Mayor Huttle.  “I look forward to vigorous public participation and debate before it is adopted this spring and I look forward to working side by side with the city council, every department and resident in the city to produce a fiscally responsible budget.”

The Mayor’s Budget and Finance Commission held over 18 meetings on the 2011 budget starting in Nov. 2010. Additionally, the council held approximately ten meetings in council workshops to prepare the budget being introduced on Tuesday. More meetings will be held in the next several months to finalize the budget.

“While this budget does not contain painful tax increases and service cuts, I want to be very clear that Englewood’s finances are at the tipping point.  We have long over-relied on the old way of doing things, which has led to spiraling costs and dwindling revenue.  Quite simply, we need to reinvent the way our government operates. If we don’t act now, collectively as one community, residents will lose valuable city services and employees will face lost jobs, lost compensation or both in the years to come.”

Once the budget is published on March 31st, the city will hold a meeting seeking input from the public  on  April 12th.  The final budget is scheduled to be adopted on May 6th.

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