Join The Mayor And Council At Upcoming Budget Workshop Hearings

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Dear Englewood Residents:

It was once said that inaction, contrary to its reputation as being a refuge, is neither safe nor comfortable. I am asking you today to guard against inaction and participate in the upcoming City budget hearings. I am writing to you not just to inform you about the process of the budget, but to additionally let you know about our upcoming Budget Workshop Hearing dates.

  • On Tuesday, February 8th, in addition to our regular Council Workshop Meeting, there will be a Budget Workshop Hearing with the Police Department.
  • On Thursday, February 10th, there will be a Budget Workshop Hearing with the Department of Public Works and with Building and Code Enforcement.
  • Both of these meetings are open to the public, will begin at 7:30pm, and will be held at City Hall in the second floor conference room.

Next week I will be scheduling additional Budget Workshop Hearing dates and I will let you know of the dates later this week. I cannot tell you how important it is that each and every one of you participate in these budget hearings and forward this invite to your neighbors and friends. I also encourage each and every one of you to voice your questions, comments, and concerns at these hearings. Letting your voices be heard at this critical time in Englewood’s revitalization is critical!

I am extremely pleased that the budget process is underway as we speak. The City Manager presented his budget to the City Council at January 18th’s Council Meeting. Since this meeting, we have all been diligently working in an expeditious yet efficient manner so that the Council can adopt the budget in a timely manner. Working concurrently, the Mayor’s Budget and Finance Commission is also hard at work to provide its report to the City Manager.

The 2010 budget was adopted in August – eight months into the calendar year. Last year showed us that we needed to enact change…and fast. 2011 was quickly approaching, and it was obvious that a new process needed to be formulated. We needed to meet most, if not all of our deadlines so that we could adopt the 2011 budget by the State’s deadline. We also needed to learn to join together and work collaboratively – not just alone as a Mayor, a City Manager, a member of the City Council, or an Englewood resident – but as one team, coming together to solve our City’s problems.

The City Manager’s presentation of the 2011 budget was the first step in this process. The second step in the process is to hold Budget Workshop Hearings with each of the City’s department heads, which we are currently doing. Our most recent Council Meeting on February 1st included a Budget Workshop with the Fire Department. Acting Chief Gerald Marion gave a presentation on the state of the Fire Department with regard to the budget. Great questions were asked by the Council and answered by the Chief. I was happy to see some of our residents in the audience sharing in this process, though there were very few. I hope that the poor weather is in part to blame for this and that more of our residents will join us at future Budget Workshops.

There are quite a few departments that the City still has to meet with in addition to the Fire Department. Since we are already ahead of the process, I am confident that we will continue to stay on track and adopt the budget sometime during mid to late March.

Adopting the budget in mid to late March means that we will be adopting our City’s budget before the State adopts its budget – and we will not know what the State numbers will be. Thus, we will have to estimate to the best of our ability and hope we are correct. If not, we will have to amend the budget to adjust for these numbers. This is only a minor task compared to what might occur if we were to wait too long to adopt our city budget.

I strongly urge each and every one of you to come out and participate at these budget hearings. For every citizen I saw participating at our recent budget hearing, I knew there were others at home who had something to contribute.

This year will be about working together as one community and as one Englewood. If we cannot work together as one, we will not achieve our City’s true potential. So let us all make 2011’s budget process a success!

Please attend the hearings, be informed and participate! Also, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or my office at 201-871-6666.


Mayor and Council President Frank Huttle III

Upcoming Budget Workshop Meetings

  • Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 @ 7:30pm
    (City Council Workshop Meeting)
    Police Department
    City Hall, 2nd Floor Conference Room
  • Thursday, February 10th, 2011 @ 7:30pm
    Building and Code Enforcement
    Department of Public Works
    City Hall, 2nd Floor Conference Room
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