Tuesday, December 21st Council Meeting

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Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle and Senator Loretta Weinberg presented a resolution to Councilmember Charlotte Bennett-Schoen for her service to Englewood for the last six years. We wish her all the best of luck on her humanitarian service trip to India and in the future, and we will additionally be honoring her at January 4th’s reorganization meeting.


The Finance and Budget Commission has been hard at work meeting with the various department heads in the city. I thank the City Manager for inviting the Commission to sit in on all of these meetings. I trust that the City Manager is preparing a budget report that will be completed and presented in the very near future. We are currently moving on the right track this year and because we are starting the process early this year, I am confident we will not run into the problems that we had last year.

December 7th’s Council Meeting was a historic moment for the City of Englewood and its residents. It was the first time that our city live-streamed a Council Meeting and brought city government into the homes of our residents in order to encourage transparency and more public participation in issues affecting our city. I hope that the City Council and residents will support me on this as we enter the New Year.

Second Reading and Public Hearing…

Ordinance #10-36 would amend Ordinance 3-10 which was an ordinance authorizing certain roadway improvements as local improvements and specially assessing the benefits derived therefrom, up to the cost thereof, upon properties specially benefitting thereby, in order to include Block 2605.


#259-12-21-10: resolution accepting the accounting of the executrix of the estate of Eleanor S. Harvey.

#260-12-21-10: resolution to join New Jersey Sustainable Energy Joint Meeting in order to seek out the lowest cost of energy and to save a minimum of 10%.

#261-12-21-10: extension of liquor license to receiver of Joe II Wines & Liquor.

#262-12-21-10: award professional services contract to RBA Engineers to provide services to Flat Rock Brook Nature Center for Quarry Pond dredging.

#263-12-21-10: award professional services contract to Warren and Panzer Engineers, P.C. to provide an environmental review and remediation report.

#264-12-21-10: authorize application for local government energy audit program.

#265-12-21-10: authorize award of contract for auxiliary snow plowing and ice removal.

#266-12-21-10: authorize budget transfers for the 2010 budget. These budget transfers will take place on December 31, 2010.

I want to thank all of the residents who came out and participated at this week’s Council Meeting. Once again, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any problems or concerns. I wish everyone in the City of Englewood a happy and healthy holiday and a Happy New Year!

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