Mayor Frank Huttle Sworn in as Englewood Council President

8 January 2011 58 views No Comment

ENGLEWOOD, NJ – At Tuesday night’s annual reorganization meeting, the City Council unanimously voted to restructure the way the city government operates. For the first time in the history of the city, a mayor was elected to dually serve as Council President.

“I am grateful for the confidence you have placed in me to take control of our city’s broken government,” said Mayor Huttle. “I look forward to working with the Council, City Manager, and residents to make Englewood the best city there is.” Sharing in the celebrations were newly elected Councilman Michael Cohen, veteran Councilman Jack Drakeford, and Councilwoman Pro Tem Lynne Algrant, all of whom were additionally sworn in last night.

As Council President, the mayor can set the agendas and preside over Council meetings; as mayor, he can still continue to vote in tie-breakers and additionally hold the power to veto ordinances. “The doors of our city government will be open wider than ever before,” Mayor Huttle remarked, stressing the idea of transparency. To make city government more accessible to the residents, the mayor also announced that Englewood’s Council meetings are set to be televised beginning sometime in early February.

The Council will also be holding workshop meetings once every other Tuesday, twice the amount of meetings that the Council typically met in prior years. The mayor noted that the Council would spend as much time as necessary on the issues affecting Englewood, with emphasis on the budget, stating, “We must first become fiscally responsible before we can address other items on the agenda. The process in which we execute tasks is vital.”

“Further,” Mayor Huttle added, “it is essential that we all work together as one Englewood, despite our differences, to solve our city’s problems. Process is the key to progress in our city, so let us work hand in hand to ensure that the process is done correctly.”

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