Let it Snow – Finally, Englewood Has a Snow Removal Plan That Works!

18 January 2011 37 views No Comment

“[The snow removal this year was] miraculous and we and our neighbors rub our eyes in disbelief,” claimed Ary Freilich, an Englewood resident of over twenty-five years.

It is certainly not shocking that Ary was in disbelief over Englewood’s neatly plowed streets: for decades, Englewood residents had to deal with the city’s poor system of snow removal. While hundreds of residents complained over the years, it was not until the wake of  last year’s snow storm that both residents and city officials decided that enough was enough.

During last year’s snow storm, I worked first-hand with the Department of Public Works as they made their way around Englewood “cleaning” the streets. Unfortunately, the streets were everything but clean; one resident pointed out that “The town fail[ed] to plow the streets…leaving us trapped, sometimes for days on end.” Clearly, then, this became more than just a problem: it became a safety issue for our citizens.

A new plan needed to be established before the next storm hit because it was apparent that the old plan had miserably failed.

Since the snow storm last year, the DPW, city officials, the Council and I have been working collaboratively on structuring a new system of snow removal for the city – one that will work in a more efficient and timely manner, leave the streets cleaner, and reduce the risk of hazards.

In addition to the implementing replacement plan for some of the DPW’s outdated equipment, we have also hired private contractors to supplement the work of the DPW. These private contractors have proven to be a great asset in the aftermath of the recent December and January snow storms. Resident Raphael Benaroya even noted, “Our street has never, ever been so promptly and well-plowed as after the last two storms…As I drive through the city, I am impressed.”

Ultimately, what this issue has shown is what our city can accomplish by simply working together. I would like to especially congratulate the DPW for their hard work and successes during the last two snow storms. I hope that their successes will continue in the future to avoid the mishaps we have encountered during the last few decades. In addition to the DPW, I would like to also commend all of the city officials who have participated in this process and who have helped to make this clean-up a success.

When we come together as city officials to solve a problem, we can also unite our city’s residents along with us. Richard Krane, a long time resident of Englewood for over fifty years said, “This snow removal was the best I have seen [in fifty years]. We are proud to be residents of Englewood.”

I hope our last two successes can serve as an example for all future endeavors we take on as a city.

Best regards,

Mayor Frank Huttle III

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