Tuesday, October 19th Council Meeting Summary

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Resolution 216-10-19-10 honored Brian Paton, who saved a life by using the Heimlich Maneuver on July 10, 2010.

Members of Englewood’s Fire Department were commended for their service to the City of Englewood; some members were honored for their (1) Hurricane Katrina Service; (2) HAZMAT Team Service; and (3) Community Service.


During my remarks, I mentioned the new Finance and Budget Commission I formed within the Office of Mayor under the power granted to me by the City Charter. You can find a copy of my letter addressed to the City Clerk, Council, Manager, and Attorney here, which explains the purpose, justification, duties, and members of the Commission.

Ordinances – Introduction and First Reading:

Ordinance #10-34: is for the establishment of a permanent Citizen Advisory Committee which would be made up of no less than 5 and no more than 7 residents. All residents would serve 3 year terms. Appointments would be staggered with 2 one-year terms; 3 two-year terms; and 2 three-year terms. The Committee would be appointed by the City Council and one member will serve as the Finance Chair. The duties of this committee would be to: (1) advise the Mayor and Council on appropriate revenue, expenditures, and financial policies; (2) review annual financial statements of the city; (3) review annual preliminary budgets of the city; and (4) undertake all other studies as assigned to them.


Resolution 212-10-19-10: regards the City’s acquisition and conveyance of 55-63 West Palisade Avenue and 9 James Street; this was withdrawn from the Agenda.

Resolution 217-10-19-10: authorizes block grant funds of $10,000 for a renovation project for Ideal Lodge #470 of the World Application for Bergen County CD.

Resolution 218-10-19-10: authorizes block grant funds of $185,000 for road improvements to West Linden Avenue and Columbus Avenue.

Resolution 219-10-19-10: authorizes block grant funds of $40,000 for Henry Douglas Post #58 for Bergen County CD.

Resolution 220-10-19-10: renews Joe II Wines & Liquor, Inc.’s liquor license for 2010-2011.

Resolution 221-10-19-10: certifies a review of the annual audit by the governing body.

Resolution 222-10-19-10: clarifies the Chapter 48 resolution which deals with health benefits for public employees; it changes the text from “for the retiree and dependents” to “for the retiree and spouse only;” this was tabled by Council President Reddin.

Resolution 223-10-19-10: authorizes the sale of special emergency notes by the Chief Financial Officer in order to meet extraordinary expenses incurred for the preparation and execution of a city-wide property reassessment.

Three additional Resolutions were added last minute to the Agenda, but were not voted on; they all authorize block grant funds for the establishment of a Family Teen Center facility in Englewood. The following will be added to the agenda for November 9th’s Council Meeting: (1) Equipment – $30,000; (2) Leasing – $680,000; and (3) Renovations – $60,000.

Public Session:          

Many comments during the public session were with regard to many of tree stumps that have not been removed and sidewalks that have not been repaired since the March nor’easter. It is unacceptable that seven months later, there are still hazards and eyesores from this storm in Englewood. It has been far too long and this problem must be dealt with immediately. I will work with City officials in order to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thank you to all who came out last night and expressed comments and concerns. Your public participation is greatly appreciated and helpful to making our City better. Once again, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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