Englewood Goes Live – Tune-in to Council Meetings, be informed and participate.

23 November 2010 251 views One Comment


I announced today the creation of web live streaming for all Council meetings.  It will pave the way for the City to launch the initial broadcast at the Council Meeting on December 7th. The live broadcast can be seen on the Bergen Record’s website at www.northjersey.com and Englewood One’s website, thereafter the Council would have to vote to allow transparency into council meetings to fund true open government at a nominal cost. 

Stayed tuned, the next step to open the doors of City government will be the creation of a new collaboration with our high school children and cable TV to televise Council meetings.  This will be an extraordinary opportunity for our children to simultaneously learn the skills of broadcasting and the workings of our city government. 

It is obvious that we are in trying economic times and faced with many challenges in the upcoming year. Since taking office, I have said time after time that government must change and needs to be more accessible and transparent to its residents. The key to a great City lies in its people and the amount of resident’s participation and communication with their government officials.  But what is needed first is access to information about the inner workings of the City so that they can effectively participate and communicate to their elected officials.

In my first few months of taking office, I launched this website, Englewood One Community, for the purpose of making government more transparent, accessible, and understandable to the ordinary resident. Englewood One Community is Englewood’s first online community for residents to connect and share information about City Government.   Live streaming of council meetings is the next step of sharing information and further opens the doors to City Government so that all can be informed, educated and be encouraged to participate in City government.

With today’s technology, there is simply no excuse as to why we cannot have access to City government in our own homes. Thus, I believe that our Council Meetings should be streamed live so that our residents can tune in, participate in government, and stay informed on issues that are affecting our City. Streaming this footage is especially advantageous to those individuals who cannot always make it out to a Council Meeting. 

As elected officials, it is our responsibility to make sure that everyone has access to our government and that the information they are seeking is readily accessible. I feel strongly that as our resident’s level of knowledge grows, so will our City’s. Ultimately, this effort is all about communication between the people and the government. Since the people are the basis of the government, we cannot be a great City without first making sure they are informed. 

Many speak about open government and transparency; it is time for all elected officials to put words into action.  Let’s open the doors and go live in downtown Englewood. 

Best regards,

Mayor Frank Huttle III

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    20-25 years ago, cable offered to connect Englewood Council meetings onto cable for free. Englewood declined……..
    Now we are going to pay to connect??

    Warren Neumann

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