Tuesday, October 5th Council Meeting Summary

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The Council and I began the Meeting with (2) resolutions honoring

1. Atul Lalan, owner of the 7-11 store on 13 Tenafly Road, for promoting recycling at his store, and for helping to keep Englewood a green city.

2. The INSPIRE (Introducing New Solutions to Promote Integrity, Respect, and Equality) Club from Dwight Englewood School for their leadership in promoting diversity, communication, and for educating their peers about other cultures and traditions.

Following the honors, the Council and I briefly discussed the recent emergency situation in which reverse 9-1-1 calls went out at 1:20 in the morning to Englewood residents. Deputy Chief Suffern clarified that the issue has been resolved for future emergency situations and that a new template is to be created (by ward, sector, radius) to determine where calls will go out. I believe that during this situation, there was dangerous lack of communication at a time where communication was vital. I hope that in the event of a future crisis, the City will work together to communicate effectively in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents. Nonetheless, I would especially like to commend the local police, Deputy Chief, and County S.W.A.T. team for their outstanding efforts.

What I made clear during my remarks, and what I would like to stress again, is the importance of Englewood’s assets. When I look at Englewood, I see a beautiful city with beautiful people, and diversity joining everyone together. Not only are we diverse, but so are our assets. Englewood has much to offer, from bergenPAC to Flat Rock Brook, to Bennett Studios, to Englewood Hospital – just to mention a few. Ideally it is these assets that make us unique as a City, and if they are properly utilized, they can help to generate additional revenue for the City. We have much to offer by way of both public and private entities, and we should take advantage of that. This is a process that needs effective and visionary planning; I look forward to collaboratively working with the City and its residents to achieve this and make Englewood one of the best cities there is.

The following ordinance was up for its introduction and first reading

#10-34, which would establish a Citizens’ Advisory Committee for Finance, was withdrawn from the agenda. There were major problems with this ordinance and I believe that before it is introduced, the Council must have work sessions. This ordinance will be re-introduced to the Council on October 19th.

The following ordinances were up for their second reading and public hearing

#10-30 reappropriates $29,794 in order to dredge Quarry Pond, located in Flat Rock Brook. Similarly, #10-31 reappropriates $249,597.72 for the same purpose.

Flat Rock Brook, as I stated before, is a wonderful asset to the community of Englewood. It is a greatly utilized, non-profit organization that is used by the public at no cost to the city. I consider Flat Rock Brook to be one of the most beautiful parts of Englewood. Quarry Pond is the largest of four ponds here in Englewood, and serves a variety of functions as noted by Ken Albert’s report, including: flood storage, improving water quality, hosting wildlife, and capturing sediment. If the pond is not dredged, the pond will likely be lost to sediment and thus environmental consequences may result upon the surrounding area.

I am happy to approve this ordinance. I would like to add that it was great to see so many of Flat Rock Brook’s volunteers and supporters show up to the Council Meeting. Their attendance truly shows how dedicated these individuals are, and how they are working as effectively as a community here in Englewood. Let their dedication and participation serve as an example to all of Englewood.

#10-32 would amend an ordinance establishing fees for licenses, permits, and other applications within the city of Englewood. This ordinance would require that all public agencies charge $0.05/page for letter sized pages and smaller and $0.07/page for legal sized pages and smaller. Electronic records would be free of charge, which are those sent by e-mail and fax.

#10-33 would amend ordinance #3-19 to include Block 2519, which includes real property inadvertently left out by the original ordinance which may be affected by the special assessment.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who came out to listen and participate in the Council Meeting on Tuesday night. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to address any of your concerns. The agenda for October 19th’s Council Meeting is posted here.

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