Mayor Frank Huttle Forms Englewood Finance and Budget Commission

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Commission Will Examine Fiscal Practices, Make Short and Long Term Budget Recommendations

To view the Mayor’s letter forming the Commission, click here.

ENGLEWOOD — Mayor Frank Huttle today formed the Englewood Finance and Budget Commission within the Office of the Mayor, which will will be charged with examining the financial and budgetary practices of the City of Englewood, determining a long term plan on how to best utilize and leverage City assets, maximize the operational efficiency and administration of City government; and accomplish the stabilization of property taxes.

The Finance and Budget Commission will be charged with making recommendations with respect to the 2011 City Budget, as well as a three year budget plan. The recommendations will be presented to the City Manager and the City Council for implementation.

“Over the last several years, the never ending increases in spending and property taxes have seen our municipal budget balloon up to 40% in the past few years alone,” said Huttle. “With a decline in real estate values, tax revenues for the City will drop and expenses will continue to rise. Coupled with a new state law, which mandates that spending cannot increase more than 2% with certain exceptions and a proposed 30% cut in state municipal aide, it is more clear than ever that we need to pull the resources and talents of both the public and private sectors to finally find a way towards fiscal responsibility.”

The Commission would not serve merely as advisory committee but as a task force with a clearly defined mission and finite, deliverable goals.  The mayor stressed that the Commission’s first priority is to address the 2011 City Budget and to issue a report to the governing body to meet all challenges facing each of our residents and City for 2011.

“The old way of doing things is clearly no longer working, if it ever worked at all,” the mayor concluded.  ”Englewood must pull together the resources of its public sector, its talented private sector and the community as a whole to get us back on sound fiscal footing. This commission, which is composed of elected officials and highly qualified local citizens, is the first step in getting our city and our budget back on track.”

The following is a list of appointees the Englewood Finance and Budget Commission:

Community Members
Douglas Duchak, President and CEO, Englewood Hospital
Gabriel Bousbib, Gottex Fund Management
Mark Forman, CPA
Adam Brown, of the firm Adam Brown Associates

City Government Members
Frank Huttle III, Mayor
Jack Drakeford, City Councilmember, Ward 4
Lynne Algrant, City Councilmember, At Large

Professional Accounting Expert
Mr. Joseph Kelly, CPA, RMA, with the firm Suplee, Clooney & Company

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