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Join Englewood Mayor Frank Huttle III and The City Council at the Annual 2010 City of Englewood Fireworks Show

Thursday July 1st 7:30pm
Celebrating Independence Day
Performance by Englewood Idol Winners Angelique Byers and Raishada Johnson!
Event: FREE!

Englewood Mayor Frank Huttle III and the City Council members present the 2010 annual Fireworks on Thursday July 1 at 7:30pm. This year’s event is expected to be a spectacular fireworks show. There will also be a special performance by this year’s Englewood Idol winners Angelique Byers and Raishada Johnson, as well as other musical entertainment. Vendors will be on hand serving a variety of delicious food and drinks.

The Mayor and the members of City Council invite the general public to gather at Dwight Morrow High School’s front lawn for the 2010 annual brilliant fireworks show in celebration of Independence Day. Join in the fun and celebrate the true meaning of Independence Day with a community as diverse as Englewood, New Jersey.

“Marking the independence of our nation through a soaring fireworks display has been a tradition here in Englewood for some time, and I am happy to help continue it” the Mayor stated. “I would also like thank all of our sponsors and volunteers who made this event possible for Englewood.”

Sponsors of the annual Fourth of July Fireworks are graciously led by Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and joined by bergenPAC, Route 4 West Diner, Englewood Economic Development Corporation, Englewood One, Treeco Shoprite, North Jersey Community Bank, Nisi and Solaia restaurants.

The Mayor went on to say, “I am so pleased that the community has come together as one in order to make this great event happen. I look forward to seeing everyone there.”

Thursday July 1, 2010
Dwight Morrow High School
Front Lawn
274 Knickerbocker Road
Englewood, NJ 07631

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Mayor Frank Huttle III today announced his support of Governor Chris Christie’s proposed constitutional amendment to cap property tax increases at 2.5% annually, calling upon the state legislature to place the measure on the ballot this November. With New Jersey property taxes increasing 70 percent over the last ten years, Mayor Huttle has joined the Governor in drawing a line in the sand.

“Enough is enough. Englewood residents are reeling from ever growing property taxes, which are pricing people out of their homes and making our city and state increasingly unaffordable,” Mayor Huttle said. “A constitutional amendment that guarantees the capping of annual property tax increases at 2.5% begins to end this ever growing upward spiral and helps to mandate the discipline we need to put our fiscal house in order.”

The Mayor believes that concerns about restrictions on local spending will be safely offset by the ability of a municipality to go above the cap if the voters in any given year choose to override the amendment’s ceiling through a referendum placed on the ballot.

“Municipal spending across the state has grown by 69 percent over the last ten years. In Engelwood, taxes and spending have risen almost 40% over the past three and a half years because our politicians have not had the will to break this vicious tax and spend cycle. This proposal finally gives our residents a break and puts the power back into the voter’s hands,” declared Mayor Huttle. “I urge our state legislative leaders to post this proposal for a vote in Trenton as soon as possible so that we can get this measure on the ballot and begin to provide our municipalities with the tools they need to get the nation’s highest property taxes in check once and for all.”

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