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4 April 2010 224 views One Comment

The Board of Education is the ultimate and final authority over the schools in our City. All budgeting, the levying of school taxes on your property, the setting of school policy and the hiring of the staff and administration of the schools is handled by the Board of Education. There are seven members of the Board of education and they are directly elected by the citizens of Englewood to three year terms.

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  • floyd39 said:

    As deliberations regarding next year’s budget evolve, I hope that the overriding concern of the Board will be to equitably share the pain we will all endure in this very difficult time. The Governor’s cancellation of the senior citizen homeowners rebate for 2010 means that my real estate taxes have already gone up by $2000. Food, fuel, insurance, utilities continue to rise and I know that my real estate taxes will have to go up to help support public education. However, I believe that all vested parties must contribute to plugging the gap and making up for the revenue shortfall. Not contributing to health insurance is, in my opinion, completely unacceptable if my taxes must go up as my safety net disappears.
    I believe the Board must explore shared services more thoroughly,could certainly implement furloughs on non-instructional days, could easily save some money by just turning off the lights at night at Dwight Morrow (motion detectors work at little cost in my colleges)and need to rethink administrator/faculty ratios.
    Teacher layoffs are a horror but what is worse are residents overcompensating administrators and pedagogues for years and seeing virtually no substantive academic achievement improvement. I hope the Board calls the union’s bluff and gives no ground on salaries and benefits at this time. There will be plenty of qualified replacements available if a stike should occur.
    Let’s hope that won’t become necessary and all parties agree to equitably share the pain.

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