About the Board of Adjustment

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The zoning of the City of Englewood is the process by which certain areas of the City are designated for certain uses, such as retail, residential, commercial or light industrial. If you took a quick drive around our city you could probably easily tell which areas were designated for which purpose. This is the result of careful planning and enforcement on the part of both the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment, which work at different aspects of the same goal – the physical character and use of the city. The Board of Adjustment, unlike the Planning Board through, handles zoning appeals, requests for interpretation and one time changes or variances from the zoning ordinances. There are seven members and two alternates are appointed by the Mayor who are then confirmed by the City Council. Terms of office are two years or four years depending on the member position. The meetings begin at 8:00 pm and are held at Municipal Court 73 South Van Brunt Street.

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