About the Planning Board

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The Planning Board, along with the Board of Adjustment, the Library Board, the Environmental Commission, and others represent the permanent boards and commissions that operate as part of the Englewood City Government. They directly oversee the department or subject matter to which they are designated and their importance to the daily lives of our citizens cannot be overstated. The planning board makes critical decisions related to physical building and construction what could be called the “look and feel” of Englewood. Specifically, the Board advises the Council as to the adoption of a municipal master plan, approves plans for specific sites, such as opening a retail store or office building and has the powers to grant one time changes in restrictions to accomplish building and development goals. The Planning Board consists of one non-elected municipal officer, one council member, six citizens, the Mayor and two alternates are appointed. The Council appoints its member to the Board and the Mayor appoints all other members. Terms of office are one to four years depending on the member’s position.

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