About the Environmental Commission

30 January 2010 63 views No Comment

Parts of Englewood are truly natural and environmental treasures and when one thinks about the Environment in Englewood things like Flat Rock Brook Nature Center or MacKay Park spring into mind, but the Environmental Commission serves a much greater purpose. According to its own ambitious mission statement, its purpose is to support and protect the natural resources of the city. Accordingly, it advises the City Council, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Department of Public Works and other city agencies on environmental issues that impact Englewood. It assists in the analysis, development, and implementation of sustainability programs and projects, it promotes environmental education, informs citizens on environmental issues and how they can be addressed, and coordinates community involvement in these efforts. The commission works directly with the Mayor to further this mission and achieve its goals. Seven members and two alternates are appointed by the Mayor. Their terms of office are three years.

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